The VICTORIA Experience » Camping


Camping is an important part of school life in VICTORIA. It is not seen as an ‘optional extra’ or ‘special treat’ at the end of the year but is part of long-term curriculum planning. 
Younger students learn water safety and swimming skills at nearby bathing resorts. Primary children travel farther afield and could be measuring and mapping their new environment, collecting samples or constructing boats. Secondary students might be exploring ruins, interviewing local communities or crawling through amazing caves. Prepa students enjoy the challenge of a ‘winter camp’ on a snowy volcano and never forget it! Some weekend sports events even involve pitching tents on the school field! Wherever, everyone enjoys the camp fire and stories at the end of a special day.
Whichever aspect of the curriculum the teachers are choosing to extend on the overnight camp, they also value the chance to support their students’ personal development in new situations. Most children, and some parents, are nervous before the first camp but the sense of achievement and new confidence is a wonderful reward.