Our students present international examinations from the University of Cambridge, England, in all their subjects. These examinations test skills, analysis and the application of knowledge. Our students have been working with this approach since Kinder. Both English and Spanish are used as working tools in Prepa and not only as languages studied for a few hours each week.

At the end of the first year of Prepa, VICTORIA students sit IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations from Cambridge. The average VICTORIA student sits and passes eight IGCSEs although they need just 6 for revalidation in Mexico. A good pass in IGCSE English is equivalent to First Certificate English or TOEFL this means that our students are reaching the university entry requirements for English in their first year of Prepa.

In the second year of Prepa, VICTORIA students begin their AS and A level courses that span their last two years of Prepa. UNAM revalidation and SEP equivalence for this year are based on VICTORIA monthly grades.

In the third year of Prepa, VICTORIA students sit AS and A level examinations from Cambridge. Most students are now sitting six AS levels and one or two A levels during their last two years of Prepa. Revalidation in Mexico conforms to the requirements for university entrance in UK. Students need to pass a minimum of two subjects with 120 points and successfully complete their three national subjects from the UNAM. We are not satisfied with this minimum requirement, therefore our students aim for a much higher level. The best universities look for these higher standards as well.

University of Cambridge examinations are taken by more than one million students each year. Their quality is recognised worldwide. Most of our students have English as a second language, but compete against first language speakers in other countries. Our students also need to complete the three national courses set by UNAM. The three years in Prepa are demanding, but provide VICTORIA students with the skills and qualifications to successfully compete on the international stage. The amazing success of our ex-students speaks for itself.