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Don't worry we will be back on Monday the 15th. of August.
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Newsletter #1162

Covid Protocols
As we have mentioned in previous messages, the 7-day isolation period is still in place for students who have the following symptoms: runny nose, fever, sore throat, sneezing, cough, headache or stomach problems; in which case they should not attend school.  Family members living with those who are experiencing these symptoms should stay at home for 5-days. We are experiencing an increase in cases at the moment and so we appreciate your cooperation with helping to keep school as safe as possible. When these symptoms are detected at school, we will get in touch with you and send the student home. Please ensure that you answer your mobile and that your number is registered correctly in reception. 
Also, some students are repeatedly attending school without their facemasks. Please ensure that your child has a facemask, and a spare, as you leave your home in the morning. The school only provides facemasks for those students who have lost or broken both of those brought in from home. 

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