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Red Nose Day!

Do Something Funny for Money

British schools have been celebrating Red Nose Day since 1988 and VICTORIA joined the tradition in 2011. A Friday in March is announced as the date for a variety of fundraising activities for charity. Comic Relief is a British charity which was founded in 1985 and its vision is to free the world of poverty. In ‘odd’ years, Comic Relief alternates with Sports Relief in ‘even’ ones.

In VICTORIA anything goes! Red noses, like a clown, can be worn or painted on your face any year. Pay your money to throw wet sponges at teachers, tickle them with feathers, paint their faces or their bald heads. Keep a safe distance when they start wrestling or throwing food. Cheer your heroes on as they run, jump, shoot baskets, write essays or pick up litter. Don’t miss the eye-watering leg-waxing of the losers. We collect money for a good cause and everybody laughs a lot - except Miss Bircumshaw!