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Special Educational Needs

The Educational Psychologist, Dr Kelly Tanner, founded the VICTORIA SEN department during her Headship 2010 -2017. After a year of extracting students from classes to work in spare rooms or the library; the Head of SEN (Erica Domínguez) was happy to move her team into dedicated SEN premises. The classrooms and therapy suite have since been extended and are also used to provide diagnosis and counseling to the local community at weekends.

As well as interacting with the students, the Educational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist and Special Education Teacher cooperate to train and supervise a team of ‘Shadows’. Shadows are classroom assistants, some of whom are bilingual, linked to an individual special-needs student. They attend classes with them providing the necessary support to access the whole curriculum. Thus every one of our students is included in lessons, camps, exams and activities with their classmates.