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Life in Tequis...

Tequisquiapan is a small, colonial town located in the centre of México. You are 2 hours driving, from México city (CDMX), 40 mins away from Quéretaro (the state capital) and 15 minutes away from San Juan del Río, a big industrial town.
With a population of about 60,000 people, an average climate of 18°C (in all 4 seasons!), clear skies and no traffic "Tequis", as the locals call it, has become a perfect place for those looking for the simple "small town life".
Tequis is well known for its cheese & wine fair and handicrafts. Its recent recognition as a ‘Pueblo Mágico’ means a variety of cultural events and more visitors.There are also a few vineyards to visit and of course "Peña de Bernal" is a big attraction nearby.
The VICTORIA community has grown throughout the years and has managed to establish itself as a very solid and resourceful one when it comes to helping others.
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