Prepa Online

Executive Summary


A new option for Prepa that offers flexible, inclusive, British education online.  Our students can study from anywhere, and will graduate with their Mexican certificate and international exams which allow them to study all over the World.



COVID-19 has changed the educational dynamic.


A top-quality all-round education is the right of any student, yet is hard to find and inaccessible to many.


We can now offer an International Education whilst teaching remotely, and so, the idea was born to offer our services beyond our current VICTORIA community, particularly to those with the need and desire for a high-quality, international-style Prepa education, while retaining the flexibility to suit their individual needs.


Future students will receive a top level education without the logistics of attending a physical school, opening up an otherwise inaccessible route to benefit from this type of Prepa.


Who is it for?
Can you relate to any of these statements?
‘I’m a high performing athlete and don’t have time to go to a physical school because of my training.’
‘My family travels a lot and a physical school doesn’t suit my needs.’
‘I want a top-class international education but there are no schools like that near me’
‘The costs of international schools are outrageous!’
‘I have certain needs which mean a normal school is inaccessible.’
‘I’m not living in Mexico but still want my Prepa education.’
‘I work better online - I’m independent and can manage my time efficiently.’
‘I am a native English speaker and the schools in my area don’t have the level I need.’

Your Interactive Work

Teachers upload the work for the week on Monday morning. The work consists of resources, videos, activities, and is always focused on dynamism and interactivity. You will have the flexibility to work at your own pace whilst adhering to the deadline. The week’s work forms the focus of the Seminars.


Your Tutor

You will be assigned an academic tutor throughout your time in Prepa. You will meet with them at least once a week and he/she will be available for support throughout the week. The academic tutor can help with school work, welfare issues or practically anything else. They are your ‘go-to’ person.


Your Seminars

For each subject that you select, you will have compulsory live small group seminars each week to discuss material, explore subjects in-depth and clear up any doubts. This aspect encourages group-learning and keeps social interaction alive!



The Extras!

These extras focus on the social side of learning and make #VictoriaPrepaOnline stand-out from other online schools. Through these events, we create incredible bonds and provide a ‘whole-child’ education.

Year Group Camps
  1. Amealco
  2. Nevado de Toluca and Monarch Butterflies
  3. Veracruz Beach

Intensive In-Person Catch-Up

Summer School

Holiday Learning

Virtual events such as MUN’s 

Music nights

Coursework weekends

Science practical workshops

Optional induction social activities

What Happens in a Typical Week?

Monday Morning

All academic activities and resources for the week are uploaded to the online platform.

Throughout the Week 

You work at your own pace and in your own time through the activities and resources which have been uploaded, ensuring that you adhere to the deadlines.
For each subject, there are two small group seminars where live teaching takes place. These are programmed to suit your flexible learning needs, and are also recorded and made available online.
On Friday, you will meet 1:1 with your academic tutor.  This is a must.  The tutor will be flexible with timings to suit individual needs.

So What Might My Schedule Look Like?


Everyone’s week will look a bit different - it depends on what subjects you choose, when your ‘working times’ are, and when you agree to meet your tutor.  Your academic tutor will help you develop your own timetable that works for you. 


9:00 Independent Work. Subject A

12:00 Independent Work. Subject B


8:00 Independent Work. Subject C

17:00 Evening Seminar. Subject A


9:00 Morning Tutorial. Subject B

12:00 Independent Work. Subject D

17:00 Evening Seminar. Subject C


11:00 Idependent Work. Subject E

17:00 Evening Seminar. Subject D




9:00 Morning Seminar. Subject E

14:00 1:1 Time with Academic Tutor



So What Might a Year Look Like?


August - December

Introduction to Academic Programme

Monthly meetings between parents and Academic Tutor

Half-term Break (October)

Sports and Drama Week

December - April

Year Group Camp

Monthly meetings between parents and Academic Tutor

Half-term break (February)


April - June

Preparation and Presentation of Cambridge Exams

Monthly meetings between parents and Academic Tutor


Presencial Catch-up Summer School


A #VictoriaPrepaOnline Teacher:
  • Is a subject specialist
  • Is experienced in teaching IGCSEs, AS and A-levels
  • Is always dynamic and creative
  • Is a tech wizard
  • Has amazing people skills
  • Will always put the student first
Why Choose #VictoriaPrepaOnline?
  1. A system with the flexibility to suit your needs
  2. Established over 25 years ago
  3. Preparation for University thanks to unique learning programme
  4. Economically competitive
  5. Fully revalidated by the UNAM in Mexico 
  6. Compatible with VICTORIA presencial in earlier / later years of Prepa
  7. It’s British - 80% of teachers are native English speakers
  8. Highly qualified and experienced teachers 
  9. A wide range of subjects
  10. Emphasis on innovative learning experiences 
  11. Unlike other Online Prepas, there is a crucial presencial element
  12. Differentiation to offer individualised learning experiences which fit your needs 
  13. Opportunity for international university

Target Market

  • Learners nationwide with limited access to a good quality education (including native english speakers)
  • Overseas mexicans
  • Mature students wishing to complete prepa
  • Families who have concerns with returning to presencial classes after covid
  • SEN students
  • Families that have had to relocate
  • Students with sports/performance commitments
Cost Comparison
Month: $15,000 - $35,000 MXN Month: $5,750 MXN
Year: $180,000 - $420,000 MXN Year: $69,000 MXN

#VictoriaPrepaOnline will have a learning app designed specifically for learning online, to include tools for communication to tutors and fellow classmates, access to resources and their school account.

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