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During the summer holidays, we have had a regular visitor to our front garden....a young tlacuache! So we leave fruit out every night. It prefers banana and mango, doesn't like guyabas, and leaves the skin from apples. What a fussy eater!
3Image result for tlacuache joven
A lot of people don't like these beautiful and harmless animals, and because they are quite slow, several get run over by cars every week in Tequis. If you want to find out more about them, click on the links below:
       hand           feed      
road          hang   
More news from 1B6 - the first week back in school Miss Bull found this huge and beautiful Forbes' Silk Moth:moth  eggs1  
e2  e3
Yes that's a real photo of it. I was going to release it today so I went to the tank, and found nearly a hundred small eggs, and the moth had crawled into a corner of the lab (probably to die). So we might now have some caterpillars to feed!
Is this a caterpillar?
Real silk moth caterpillars look like this.
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