Miss Arcos

Hi there!
My name is Laura Arcos and I currently teach Maths, Science and PSHE teacher for Year 4 and Science for year 5. I started working at Victoria on 2017. I am a proud mother of 3 wonderful children that make my life brighter!
My favourite thing to do is teaching! I really enjoy doing experiments with my students and playing Maths games. My work is my hobby, how lucky is that?
I love Victoria School because it's a safe, fun, inclusive and respectful space where  children's own natural desire to learn is constantly activated. 
I'm passionate about animals, I love observing insects and researching about wild species. I've learned a lot about them with David Attenborough's documentaries, I love watching them. 
Favourite books:
The Great Shelby Holmes.
Favourite Movie:
David Attenborough documentaries.
Favourite Victoria moment:
The culture week!
Favourite food:
Rajas poblanas con crema.