VICTORIA is currently operating on a 1.5 hectare site in La Magdalena. The very first consideration was preparation for a grass field and getting the turf laid. The professional size ‘football pitch’ is now a popular green area for break time games, story times and picnics as well as sports and athletics.

Kindergarten also enjoys its own garden setting with rooms opening onto a lawn, Kinder bathrooms, their own playground and an outdoor activity centre with sand pit and water play area.

Many summer holiday breaks have involved more construction, as VICTORIA has grown. As well as extra classrooms; science, cookery and computer laboratories and a design and technology workshop have been built. A kiln for the Art Department and a small 'hospital' next to the doctor's consultancy were very welcome too.

Administration offices cluster around the pleasant reception area which is overlooked by the bilingual library. A generic hard court area was a popular addition to the basketball and volley ball courts and there are separate bathrooms for every level of the school.

We are proud that our small cafeteria serves no packaged snacks, only freshly prepared food. It also encourages students to sit down to eat at the tables there.

VICTORIA would prefer the security of owning facilities rather than renting them. To this end, we invite parents and families to invest in our project. The response so far has been good; a 4 hectare site has been purchased and an architectural project is being developed. We are enjoying planning the very best facilities for our final school population which will be limited to 675 students, as we wish to preserve our small community and high quality education.

for more information, please contact Claudia Ruíz de la peña ([email protected])