Prepa Online

A new option for Prepa that offers flexible, inclusive, British education online.  Our students can study from anywhere, and will graduate with their Mexican certificate and international exams which allow them to study all over the World.



COVID-19 has changed the educational dynamic.


A top-quality all-round education is the right of any student, yet is hard to find and inaccessible to many.


We can now offer an International Education whilst teaching remotely, and so, the idea was born to offer our services beyond our current VICTORIA community, particularly to those with the need and desire for a high-quality, international-style Prepa education, while retaining the flexibility to suit their individual needs.


Future students will receive a top level education without the logistics of attending a physical school, opening up an otherwise inaccessible route to benefit from this type of Prepa.


Why Choose #VictoriaPrepaOnline?
  1. A system with the flexibility to suit your needs
  2. Established over 25 years ago
  3. Preparation for University thanks to unique learning programme
  4. Economically competitive
  5. Fully revalidated by the UNAM in Mexico 
  6. Compatible with VICTORIA presencial in earlier / later years of Prepa
  7. It’s British - 80% of teachers are native English speakers
  8. Highly qualified and experienced teachers 
  9. A wide range of subjects
  10. Emphasis on innovative learning experiences 
  11. Unlike other Online Prepas, there is a crucial presencial element
  12. Differentiation to offer individualised learning experiences which fit your needs 
  13. Opportunity for international university
Want to Know More?
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