Invite a Friend

Invite a Friend


VICTORIA School appreciates all of the wonderful comments and recommendations from our VICTORIA families to their friends and acquaintances. As a ‘thank you’ to all of you, we are launching the “Invite a Friend” programme whose objective is to spread the word about our Inclusive British Education in Tequisquiapan. 


Any family already enrolled at VICTORIA can participate and receive a 50% discount on their September 2021 tuition fee by complying with the following requirements:


  • Send an email to with the contact information (name, cell phone and email) of the candidate's father or mother.
  • The recommended family must mention during the informative interview/form, the surnames of the VICTORIA family that has referred them.
  • The initial payment and enrollment fee of the new student must be paid in full before April 2021.


It is important to note that: 


  • This discount is only available to one student per enrolled family (youngest child) and only one new student can be recommended per family.  
  • If the new student withdraws, and all pre-paid fees are refunded (initial payments, enrollment fees and first tuition), the discount will become invalid.
  • Only families who are up to date with all present 2020-2021 tuition payments, as well as their enrollment fees for the 2021-2022 academic year, are eligible to receive a discount.
  • This programme is not retroactive. Referrals are only considered if first contact with VICTORIA is made between 18th January 2021 and 30th April 2021, and all fees are covered within this time period.
  • Prepa Online enrollment or referrals are not part of this programme.
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