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Week 3: The Hearing in Google Classroom

Week 3: The Hearing

This is the moment you have been preparing for - this week you are presenting your perspective on plastics before the SEMANAT. Each individual will have 5 minutes to present their character's argument. Each person is responsible for presenting their own argument, but the argument of your whole TEAM will be a factor in the final decision (next week's final assignment). You can record your argument directly on Flipgrid (see link) or you can record it somewhere else and upload it to flipgrid, but it must be 5 minutes or less!


1. Read from the notes you (should have) collected in the previous weeks
2. Time yourself for 5 minutes before you actually record your video
3. Embrace your character - you have a specific role so PLAY THE PART!
4. Dress the part - if possible try to dress like you would if you were presenting before congress
5. Find some props - what item(s) can you use to help emphasize the role you are playing?

There will be bonus points awarded for the person (or people) who best embody their role...

As usual you have 1 week to complete the assignment. Next week will be our final week. I will divide up the people who have been participating so far into 2 or 3 mixed groups, and you will have a few days to propose modified legislation - I will look over the proposals and announce the winners on Friday of next week (the last day of school).
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Wednesday, June 10 3:31 PM


Week 2: Researching Your Topic in Google Classroom

Week 2: Researching Your Topic

You should have already selected a role, and done a little background research to frame the topic and purpose of the hearing. If you have not already completed these tasks go back to last week's assignment and complete it before you begin this assignment.

Your assignment this week is to dig deeper into the topic, and start developing the argument(s) you will present at the hearing. Each team, and every single role has some specific resources that contain information to support your argument. To complete this assignment follow these steps:

1. Open the document that describes the role you selected last week (the links are on the "role document" for your team)
2. Go allllllll the way down to the bottom and locate the section entitled "YOUR INDIVIDUAL SOURCES"
3. Locate the article indicated on the FIRST bullet point, either by searching on Google or from the link below
4. READ your specific article - every single role has a specific article that is intended to support your particular viewpoint
5. Take notes to develop your argument(s) for the hearing, and share them with your group (I suggest ONE person in your group creates a Google doc and shares it with the rest of your team - see my email from last week to find out who is on your team)

I encourage you to do additional research related to your topic - the website linked below has MANY MANY resources that are intended to help support your arguments.

As you are developing your arguments keep in mind the CONCERNS & RECOMMENDATIONS specific to your team. For example, if I am on the INDUSTRY team one of the concerns I have is "The industry can solve the problems of plastics on its own, without government regulation." SO when I am taking notes, I should try and find information that SUPPORTS THIS IDEA!

If you have any questions about the assignment, please write them in the comments section below so that everyone can see the questions/answers!

You technically have 2 weeks to complete this assignment, because next week is a health & well-being week BUT you will have other tasks you are responsible for next week so try to get this work done THIS week!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Wednesday, May 27 9:02 PM


Wastewater Treatment in Google Classroom

Wastewater Treatment

This week you are going to be looking at another person whose job involves a lot of chemistry, and works behind the scenes to keep water supplies safe and clean.

What happens to all the water that gets flushed down the toilet? It needs to be treated before it can be pumped back into lakes and rivers... it can be a dirty job, but someone has got to do it!

You are taking on the role of a wastewater treatment plant operator. You are going to be making decisions about when and how to treat different samples of water from different sources.

First you are going to watch to 2 videos linked below to give you a little background about how wastewater treatment works. Once you have watched the video you are going to open the link to the virtual lab (it may take a minute to load and you will need flash enabled), and then read through the directions on the google document. Complete the data table and questions on the google document, then submit your completed work here.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Chemistry & Art in Google Classroom

Chemistry & Art

Open the slideshow attached below. Follow the directions and links on each slide. When answering questions, you may type your answers directly below the question. Submit the completed slideshow when you are finished - you have 1 week to complete the assignment.
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Matchstick Iron Experiment in Google Classroom

Matchstick Iron Experiment

The video linked below walks through an experiment to generate metallic iron from iron oxide powder. The document attached below has questions to accompany the experiment. Watch the video carefully (watch it more than once if necessary) and answer the questions on the document. You can print it out and submit a photo of your work, or you can type your answers directly into the document. You have 1 week to complete the assginment.
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Flipgrid Check-in in Google Classroom

Flipgrid Check-in

Click the link below and record a short video updating everyone on what you have been doing for the last month!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Metal Scavenger Hunt! in Google Classroom

Metal Scavenger Hunt!

Your assignment is to search around your house for different metals. There is a table attached below: you can either use the table and type your responses into it directly, OR copy it into your notebook/print it out and write your responses by hand, then submit a picture of your completed table.

You do NOT have to complete the whole entire table - try and find AS MANY DIFFERENT METALS as you can, but there are some metals that you may not be able to find anywhere. Complete the entries for as many metals as you can!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Edpuzzle | Displacement Reactions - The Reactivity Series in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle | Displacement Reactions - The Reactivity Series

Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Displacement Reactions Quiz in Google Classroom

Displacement Reactions Quiz

*After* completing the EdPuzzle assignment, answer the questions on this quiz!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Atomic Structure on CK12 in Google Classroom

Atomic Structure on CK12

Log onto CK12 and complete the assignment on atomic structure
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Join My Year 9 Chemistry Class on CK-12 in Google Classroom

Join My Year 9 Chemistry Class on CK-12

CK-12 is a website we will use occasionally for practice problems. I can assign you specific types of problems, and see when you complete the assignment, and how well you did on it. This helps me get an idea how well each of you understand a particular topic.
Join my Year 9 Chemistry class by clicking the link below (or copy/paste in your browser). When it asks you to sign in, you will sign in with Google using your Victoria email address.
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM