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End Of Year Exam in Google Classroom

End Of Year Exam

This exam is a mix of simple problems, as well as the type of problems found on the GCSE exam.
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Wednesday, July 8 8:57 PM


Reactions of the Periodic Table in Google Classroom

Reactions of the Periodic Table

Follow the directions on the attached document.
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Friday, May 29 12:27 PM


Balancing Chemical Equations in Google Classroom

Balancing Chemical Equations

This week we are going to be looking at chemical equations - the chemical sentences we use to communicate about how reactions occur in chemistry. Before you dive into the assignment, take a look at the videos I have posted below.

The first video is a summary of your assignment from last week, and it explains a little bit about what your graphs should look like, and what those graphs tell us about the periodic table and the real physical chemistry that happens between atoms.

The second video is a quick overview of how to balance chemical equations - take a look at the example and then try the rest of the worksheet on your own.

The third video is a little more detailed and goes over a slightly more complicated example, so if you are still stuck take a look at that video. If you find you are still not sure what you are doing, then just send me an email and I can take a look at your answers and give you some feedback about whether you have the right idea or not.
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Friday, May 22 9:13 PM


Graphing Periodic Trends in Google Classroom

Graphing Periodic Trends

You are going to construct 3 different graphs using google sheets, and the data from the attached periodic tables. The data and properties are the same as those used in the previous assignment on periodic trends, but now you will be visualizing the data in a graph. You will use your graphs to answer some questions that highlight some of the advantages to using graphs as opposed to simply looking at data in a table.

I have attached a video below outlining how to make a graph in google sheets for those of you that don't have any experience with graphing in sheets.

The completed assignment should include 3 different graphs, and the answers to the attached questions. You have 1 week to complete the assignment and submit it on classroom.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Wednesday, May 20 3:23 PM


Periodic Trends in Google Classroom

Periodic Trends

There are 3 different periodic tables attached below. Each of the three tables contains information about one of three different properties; atomic radius, ionization energy, and electronegativity. There are also three different worksheets that correspond to each of the three different properties. Your assignment is to complete all 3 worksheets using the appropriate periodic table.

Answer all the questions in complete sentences, using YOUR OWN WORDS!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Class Periodic Table in Google Classroom

Class Periodic Table

You will be working together as a group to create a periodic table. As with the assignment we did in class before the school closure, your periodic table does not necessarily have to be structured exactly like THE periodic table but it must be structured in a way that is PERIODIC and has some sort of logic to its organization.

Each of you will be responsible for specific information about TWO elements on the table. We will be creating the table on Padlet (see link below). You will create a separate post for each of your two elements. Each post MUST include:

Element name (title)
Atomic Number (Z)
Atomic Mass

Reactivity with oxygen (air)
Reactivity with water

THREE uses for the element.

IF you are assigned technetium OR element 89 or above you ONLY need to include the first 3 points above for those elements. See the list below for your assigned elements.

EVERYONE is responsible for the final arrangement of the elements in the table. It must have some logical order. Everyone is able to move all the posts as necessary. Feel free to add additional posts discussing how you think the other posts should be arranged and why. COOPERATE!

You have 1 week to complete this assignment. Part of your grade will be based on your individual contribution with the 2 elements you have been assigned and part of the grade will be based on the group's ability to agree to a final, logical arrangement for the elements.

Good luck!

Element Assignments (based on atomic #):

Amelie - 17 & 78
Ana Sofía - 18 & 77
Andrick - 19 & 76
Benjamín - 20 & 75
Enrique - 21 & 74
Erick - 22 & 73
Fabián - 23 & 72
Gustavo - 24 & 71
Isabella - 25 & 70
José Carlos - 26 & 69
Juan Pablo - 27 & 68
Victoria - 28 & 67
Máximo - 29 & 66
Regina González - 30 & 65
Valentino - 31 & 64
Valeria - 32 & 63
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Periodic Table Kahoot in Google Classroom

Periodic Table Kahoot

AFTER you have completed the EdPuzzle assignment, test your knowledge by competing in Kahoot.

Click the link below to begin!

Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Edpuzzle | GCSE BBC Science Bitesize - The Periodic Table in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle | GCSE BBC Science Bitesize - The Periodic Table

Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM


Ions! in Google Classroom


You have TWO DIFFERENT options for this assignment. You MUST complete ONE of the TWO assignments before next week's class in order the receive credit. If you have any problems, please feel free to email me. You are welcome to try both assignments, but make sure that you COMPLETE at least one of them!

Option 1. Log onto the CK-12 website, and complete the Ions assignment (there are 3 different parts)

Option 2. Log onto the Playmada website, and play through Level 10 of the Ions game (link below). You MUST complete the Student Quest attached below. This is a PDF that you can put your directly into - but you must click "save as" once you have entered all of your answers in order for your work to be saved! Turn in the completed quest document with this assignment. NOTE: You must either download the PDF to your computer or choose "Open With Lumen" in Google Drive in order to be able to fill in the boxes directly in the document. (If you have any trouble with this let me know!)

If you have NOT completed one of these two assignments by the due date, you will not receive credit for the assignment!
Created by Kyle O'Brien: Thursday, May 7 6:00 PM