Mr Sheppard - About Me

Hello. I am Mr Sheppard. I came to VICTORIA from England in February 2014. I have taught in year 3 for a year and a half, one year in year 5, 4 years teaching year 1 and some time in Prepa teaching Drama.

I studied a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Sport Science at the University of Lincoln. I used to work at the same school as Miss Bull and Miss Bircumshaw in Lincoln, England after my degree.

I played a lot of sport in England; field hockey for my university and city team as well as cricket for a team in Lincoln. In Mexico, I have been able to play cricket for a team representing Mexico in Peru and Chile, and I have started to compete in athletics in the Mexican Diamond League and Masters events, but I don't play as much sport now as I used to in England.
Favourite book: Beaver Tower series by Nigel Hinton
Favourite movie: The Fifth Element
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite VICTORIA moment: The performance nights of the productions I have worked on with the students in Secondary and Primary.