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VICTORIA Challenge Policy

As class sizes grew in VICTORIA so did the need to formally differentiate lesson planning and teaching.

Many students are more able than their peers, and a few students are more academically advanced and/or more talented in arts or sports and need to be challenged beyond the requirements of the curriculum. Recognising this is as important as identifying students who need extra support to achieve with their year group.

In 2014, this need was more formally satisfied when the Gifted, Able & Talented Policy was adopted based on a UK education strategy and this has evolved into VICTORIA Challenge from 2018.

The aim is to deliver an enriched education to all of our students with a challenge aspect in all classes.  All students should be challenged in class at whatever ability they are working at.  This challenge aspect will push all students in their classes, but also focus on the students at the top end of the ability spectrum.

A coordinator is appointed to guide the implementation of this policy, ensuring that the Higher Challenge Students are registered and that appropriate teaching is extended to them. An enriched academic environment, providing extra challenge rather than extra work, prevents the frustration of more-able students. It is wonderful to see a ‘bored’ pupil respond and enjoy the learning situation.


All VICTORIA students are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of creative recreation. Success in music, art, performing arts, sports and practical skills are celebrated in weekly assemblies and Talented VICTORIA.