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Talented VICTORIA 2017-2018

The Talented VICTORIA page recognises the achievements of students in any sporting, drama, public speaking, dance, artistic or musical activities, in and outside school. Keep up to date with news about our students' achievements aside from their academic work for the 2017-18 academic year.
Ultimate Frisbee news to start off the academic year. A few of our Secondary and Prepa students have taken up the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Fabian M. from year 8 and Hayla B. from year 11 are training regularly every Tuesday. Max C. and Iker V. also train with the other boys and have been selected to play for the national team. We look forward to hearing about our students' journey in this sport.
On the 1st October, Ximena M. from year 5 competed in the Funtastics gymnastics competition in Guanajuato.  She did very well and achieved first place for her level 2 gymnastics. Well done Ximena.
News just in! On the 15th October, Ximena competed in "La Copa GOA" for gymnastics in Aguascalientes.  She again achieved a first place position.  Well done, Ximena, on your continued success in gymnastics!
Boys International Cricket News!
Many congratulations to year 8 boys Haruto I.,Mario F., Emiliano G., Alessandro A., Manuel C., Gustavo A who were selected to play for Mexico in an international cricket tournament held in Chile. The boys played against teams from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Peru. And what a view, playing under the gaze of the Andes mountains. Below is a tournament report from Mr Hiley on the boys' experience. 
6 VICTORIA students represented the Mexico Under 13 Cricket team in Santiago, Chile for the South American Cricket Championships.  In the first game, the boys restricted Brazil to 104. Haruto I. was the star of the show, taking 2 wickets in 2 balls, and also a sharp catch.  In reply, Mexico reached 75, losing by 29 runs.
Next up was Argentina, the strongest team in the tournament. Mexico fought valiantly but were well beaten. On the second day, Mexico faced Chile and bowled superbly to restrict them to 57 runs. Mariano F. took an important wicket and there was great fielding from Emiliano G. and Alessandro A.  In reply, Mexico fell agonisingly short by 1 run - despite exciting contributions from Manuel C. and Gustavo A.  
In Mexico's last game, they were beaten by a strong Peruvian team.  Although Mexico finished last, they impressed the spectators with their teamwork and positive attitude. They won the Spirit of Cricket Award, and will come back stronger for the tournament next year.
Swimming News!
Renne R., from year 5 swan in the 7th Regional Swimming Championships in Queretaro on the weekend of 21st/22nd October. She did very well and was awarded medals for a 3rd place in the breast stroke, 6th place in the butterfly and 6th pace in the combination event. 
Well done Renee.
Athletics News!
Ander V.  from year 11 and Rafael A. from year 13 competed in the  Al Primer Festival Universitario 2017 Desarrollando atletas.
They ran for their club La Asciacion Queretana de Atletismo and did very well.
Ander Villalobos Gilling Y11 competed in the Sub 18 category and came in third place.
Rafael Alvarez Navarro Y13 compted in the  Sub 20 category and came in third place.
Congratulations on your results.
Cricket News!
6 VICTORIANS (Mariano, Santiago, Gustavo, Haruto, Osvaldo, Alessandro) went to play cricket at the Reforma Club representing Tequis against Mexico City.  They bowled first, restricting Mexico City to 52 runs.  Superb bowling from Gustavo (2 wickets) and Santiago (1 wicket).  The boys also executed a run-out.  In reply, the Tequis team batted with style and purpose.  Haruto lead the charge with 20 not out before retiring.  There were also excellent contributions from Santi (12 not out) and Gus (6).  Tequis knocked off the runs comfortably, losing only 2 wickets in the process.  Santiago was awarded Man of the Match for his performance after having only played cricket for 4 weeks.
Library Night!
On Thursday November 23rd, several of our Secondary and Prepa students participated in Library Night, where they performed a range of activities from poetry readings, short stories, and monologue performances. 
Years 7 and 8 had spent the past few library classes creating their own stories, which some then chose to perform. A special mention goes to Simon C. who captivated the audience with his story of a magical bird-talking boy. Students from year 9 gave some excellent, engaging speeches in Spanish about topics which they found interesting - well done to Macarena, Elizabeth, Sofia and Matilde. Octavio in year 10 gave us an interesting perspective on what the 8th Wonder of the World could be, before some excellent recitals from Max and Antonieta in year 11. The recitals finished with some powerful performances from Brisa and Magally in year 13. 
Year 11 Drama students have been studying and performing monologues as part of their IGCSE course this term. They performed a variety of genres for the audience, including excellent comedic pieces by Yoatzin and Alejandra and stunning portrayals of emotional turmoil by Antonieta and Alejandro David.  It's not easy performing in front of an audience and a very well done to all!
The programme of performances is available below.
Talent Spotting!
The video in the link below captured a short gymnatics display that was spotted on the school field. A great display of talent!
The school is full of unreported talent that Mr Sheppard would like to know about so he can showcase it here on the school's website.
Click on this LINK to view the couple of talented gymnasts in action!
Atheltics News!
Several students from year 7 took part in an atheltics competition in Queretaro and did very well indeed.
Santiago F. reached the final of the 75m, Emilio D. came in third place in the throwing event and Marco F. reached the final of the 150m.
The next set of athletes have progressed to represent the state in their events.
Gerardo R. and Maria Jose R. came first in their 600m events.  Ana Sofia R. came first in the long jump and second in the 75m. Renata S. came first in the 75m and second place in the 150m. Finally, for the girls 75m relay event, Renata S., Ana Sofia R, Maria Jose R. and Sofia R. came first.
Many congratulations to all of the athletes for their achievements.
Alex R. in year 2 took part in the 2nd Nissan Autocom 5k run in Queretaro on the weekend of the 23rd/24th September. Alex's father was very proud of him and also ran in the race. Well done Alex for this achievement.
Also on the weekend of the 23rd/24th September, Adela and Frida M. from year 2 and year 4 took part in the Carrera del Club de Linces  athletics competition in San Juan. They participated in a range of events including the 250m race, triple jump and ball throwing. Both competed very well and were awarded medals, including first place for Frida in her 250m race.
Congratulations to both of you.
Tennis News!
Natalia from year 6 has had a very successful year playing tennis in both singles and doubles competitions.
Here is the list of her success so far this year:
  • State Singles champion
  • Regional Singles champion, San Luis Potosi
  • Second place Grand Slam in Singles and Doubles, Monterrey
  • Second place Grand Slam Singles and Doubles champion , Queretaro
  • Second place Grand Slam Singles and Doubles champion, Guadalajara
  • Doubles champion in the Hidalgo Masters, Pachuca
  • Singles champion and second in the Doubles, Guadalajara 500 circuit
  • Singles and Doubles champion in the Leon Open 1000, Guanajuato
Congratulations on your continued success, Natalia.

Taekwondo News!
3 of our Primary students competed in the 11th Mugung Taekwondo tournament in Jilotepec, Estado de Mexico.
Joaquin V,  and Christan L both from year 5, won 3rd place in combat in their respective categories.
Anjali K. from year 2 won 1st place in combat in her category.
Well done to all three of you in your success.
Music Night!
The 22nd annual Secondary Music night was held on the 17th November. Music night showcased perfectly the talent that VICTORIA possesses.  Over 25 acts performed a variety of pieces on a variety of instruments.  Everyone in the audience commented on the exceptional performances of all the children who performed - from beginners in year 7 to relative masters in Prepa.  The highlights were the Clark family singing a heart-renching version of Hallelujah, the piano-playing brilliance of Nozomi, George and Alberto R, and Diego R's vocal range, which culminated in a superb finale with Beatriz.
A link for the programme of all the performers and performances is below.
Gymnastics News!
Dani R. from year 2 competed in the 2017 Festival Nacional Gimnasia Para Todos in Queretaro.  She did very well and won a medal for 1st place in her event.  Congratulations, Dani!
More Gymnastics News!
On the weekend of 9th and 10th December Sofia P. from year 4 competed in the Danessa Gymnastics competition in Qro.  She won 1st place for her Floor event and 2nd place on the beam.
Congratulations Sofia!
Swimming news!
Before Christmas Maria Renee from year 5 competed in the Torneo Centro Acuatico Aleman in Bernal.  She won 2 medals for 2nd place in relays, a medal for 2nd place in the breaststroke and a medal for 3rd place in the front crawl. Well done on your swimming success!
Taekwondo news!
The taekwondo trio have been at it again.
This time in Huichapan, Hidalgo for the Copa Nacional de Taekwondo 2018.
Anjali K. from year 2 won first place in combat and second place in forms.
Joaquin V. from year 5 won second place in forms and third place in combat.
Christian L. won first place in forms and third place in combat.
Well done to all three of you in your continued success.