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The Talented VICTORIA page recognises the achievements of students in any sporting, drama, public speaking, dance, artistic or musical activities, in and outside school. Keep up to date with news about our students' achievements aside from their academic work.
From the 6th-10th October, Mrs Gilby and Mr Farrell took young athletes from VICTORIA to represent Mexico in the Latin American School Olympics. Our students and students from two other Mexican based schools formed the Mexican team and competed against school teams from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Peru.
Mr Farrell, Mrs Gilby and the VICTORIA family are very proud of all of the athletes. 
From year 10:
  • Eduardo A. - 100m, 200m and Team Relay
  • Alfonso M. - Javelin and Shot
  • Carlos C. - Javelin and Shot
  • Alexa V. - 800m and 1500m
  • Ander G. - 100m, 200m and Team Relay.
From year 11:
  • Daniel G. - 800m and 1500m  
From year 12:
  • Amaya J. - long jump, triple jump and high jump
  • Rafael A. - 100m, 200m and team relay.
From year 13:
  • Fernando A - Javelin and Shot
  • Raquel A - 100m, 200m and team relay
  • Karen S - 200m and 400m.
  • Karen S. - Silver 400m
  • Rafael A. - Silver in 100m relay
  • Ander G. - Silver 200m
  • Daniel G. - Gold 1500m, Silver 800m
  • Alexa V.  - Gold 1500m
  • Raquel A. - Silver 200m, Bronze 100m
November 17th rocked VICTORIA with the 21st annual Music Night. Talented musicians and singers from year 7 to year 13 and staff performed a range of genres in music and song.
The popular performances were competently presented in English and Spanish by Diego B.
Attached is a file of the programme for the evening with it's performers and pieces titles, but special mention must go to The Band, who gave a professionally played finale with calls for an encore. Well played and sung Ernesto B., Emilia C., Jerónimo H., Pablo B., Diego B., Santiago B. and Alan M.
 Debating Skills
In November, year 11-13 students participated in the Model United Nation debates. This involved public speaking in front of over 150 people. The students were delegates representing various countries and they debated issues that varied from human trafficking, the war in Syria, the South China Sea conflict and cybersecurity. 
Well done to Olivia P, Megan B., Paola A., Santiago P., Alejandro A., Maria Eugenia R., Mateo S., Miguel M. and Carla A. for their achievements in such a grand setting. Olivia won two awards, one for Best Position Paper and a special mention for Best Delegate for her country. Mateo won the Best Delegate and Megan received a special mention for Best Delegate for her country. 
VICTORIA Sports Day 
The 9th of November saw the Annual VICTORIA Sports Day. This year Secondary and Prepa ventured out to the Unidad Deportivo to participate in athletic events for their Houses of Ocean, Mountain, Desert and Jungle.  Mr Hiley and Mr Farrell were very impressed with all who participated, but would like to mention the following people for their excellent  contributions to their events on the day:
Rafa year 9, Sayd year 9, Alexa year 10, Ander year 10, Miguel year 11, Daniel year 11, Rafa year 12, Diego year 13, Raquel year 13 and Rosi year 13.
Athletics News: On the 27th January 2017 several students from VICTORIA participated in an athletics competition in Queretaro.
Mariela C., Ana Sofia P.,  and Rodrigo H. from year 6 ran the 75m race for their age group.
Jimena C. from year 10 competed in an event.
Ander V.  from year 10 made it to the finals of his event
Alexa V. from year 10 competed in the  1500m.
Rafa A. from year 12 ran in the 100m and made it to the regional stage of the athletics competition with a possibility of running in the national stages if he progresses through.
Well done to all of the athletes for your participation and efforts.
Friday 24th of February 2017 saw the first VICTORIA'S Got Talent night, organised by Miss Redmond.  It was a superb, successful event that gave an opportunity for students from Primary to Prepa to show off their talented skills.  The night was terrifyingly and hilariously hosted by Vampira and Nanny Flora from last year's pantomime and  the food and refreshments were prepared by Mr Richmond and his food technology students.
There were 3 main categories that were judged by Mr Gregory, Mrs Gilby, Mr Hiley and Mr Sheppard: Music, Dance and Other. 
The audience and judges were treated to a range of talented performances including dances, singing, gymnastics, instrument playing and comedy. 
Well done to all the brave students who performed on the night, (a list is attached in the file below of all the performers), but there could only be a few chosen as the winners in their categories.
Congratulations go to:
Alba who won in the Dance category
The gymnast team of Renee, Ximena, Jaqueline, Maria Jose and Ines who won in the Other category
Ana Cristina and Kanon who won in the Primary Music category
Santiago, Diego, Pablo, Ernesto, Emilia and Esteban of The Band and Alberto (year 10) who won in the Secondary Music category, with a special commendation to Alberto (year 7) for his performance.
All of the winners will receive a certificate and book vouchers.
In  March 2017, students from Primary and Secondary travelled to the Edron school in Mexico City to compete in an athletics competition between a number of schools.  This was the 6th year of the event. The VICTORIA students competed amazingly a won the trophy for first place for the first time in the 6 year history of the competition.  A massive congratulations to all of you!
Primary athletes: 
From year 5 - Kanon and Mateo. From year 6 - Tania,  Rodrigo, Aldo, Ana Sofía, Ayano, Mariela, Renata, Dante and Gerardo.
Secondary athletes:
From year 7 - Gustavo, Manuel and Fernanda.  From year 8 - Dani B, Meli and Macarena. From year 9 - Rafa,  Isaac,  Magdiel, Sayd, Dani M and Valeria. 
On the 12th March a Talented Youth concert was held in San Gil.  Several students across a range of year groups from VICTORIA participated playing a variety of piano pieces. Congratulations go to Kanon and Maria Fernanda in year 5, Riona and Rodrigo in year 6, Nozomi in year 7, Melina in year 8, Oscar B. and Isaac in year 9, Alondra and Ximena in Year 10, Alejandro in year 11, Jeronimo in year 12 and Ernesto in year 13.
More Taekwondo news from May. Luis German from year 5 competed in a competition in San Juan del Rio and he won a gold and a bronze medal in his events.  Well done Luis German!
Also Joaquin from year 4 and Anjali from year 1 competed in the 2017 TKD Mungung Cup in Acapulco. Joaquin came 2nd place his his Forms event and 3rd place in his Combat event. Anjali came 1st place in her Forms event and 2nd place in her Combat event.  This was a nationwide competition of all Mungung TKD schools and the Tequisquiapan school came 3rd place out of all of the schools at the event.  Congratulations to Joaquin and Anjali!
More athletics news for June. Many young VICTORIA students competed for the UH Athletics Team in Queretaro.  They all performed well, with some competing against children much older than themselves.
Congratulations go to Sofia, Adela, Anjali and Montse in year 1,  Frida in year 2, German in year 4, Allison in year 5, Yvie and Renata in year 6, Amelie in year 7 and Jorge Luis in year 8.
 Rugby Tournament News:
On the 8th, 9th and 10th of June several students from VICTORIA played in a tournament in Guadalajara for the state of Queretaro.
The teams were Under 17 Boys, Under 19 Boys and Under 19 girls.
Representing in the Under 17 Boys were Gallo, Ander, Luis Fernando and Alberto all from year 10.  Their team came 5th place.
Representing in the Under 19 Boys were Fernando and Pablo from year 13.  Their team came first place.  This was Pablo's 4th consecutive tournament and second time of winning first place.
Representing in the Under 19 Girls were 10 girls from VICTORIA.  Emilia, Karen Jessica, Rosi, Fer and Raquel all from year 13, Valeria and Fer from year 12, Paola from Year 11 and Gloria Isa ex-VICTORIA student. Their team came 8th.
Congratulations to all of our students who were in the tournament.   Mr Farrell was very proud of all of you, especially the girls team as the others coaches commented on how good the girls attitudes were and were a very popular team. Despite injuries they fought hard and played well. 
Friday the 16th of June saw the third annual VICTORIA Gala night.  It was a wonderful evening of fantastic music and song.
Congratulations to Mrs Pederzoli and the VICTORIA students who displayed their amazing talents to a large audience in Restaurant Valentina in the Plaza Hotel. 
The performers' names and what they performed are in the document of the programme below.
In August several VICTORIA students were selected by the state of Queretaro to play Rugby.
Congratulations to: 
Karen S. year 13
Raquel A. year 13
Fernanda V. year 13
Emilia C. year 13
Gloria Isabel G. last year 13
Cecilia M. last year 13
Alejandra N. last year 13
Fernando A. year 13
Pablo G. year 13
Eduardo A. year 10
Library Night

The 24th November saw VICTORIA's annual Library Night. Among the book selling and story reading were performances of poetry and drama. Special mention goes to Octavio M.G., Megan B., Santiago P., Adam A. and Alessandro A. for their participation. Andrés P. received a comment of "...absolutely outstanding" from Miss Redmond for his drama monologue.
Every Wednesday after school, Mr Hiley offers a running club. He would like to recognise the running efforts and prowess of Magdiel F. in year 9 and Diego in year 13.
Several students from year 13 took part in a Business Simulator competition against 12 other Prepa schools at Alamos school in Queretaro. The students from VICTORIA had to make business decisions on pricing, marketing and investing based on a given set of market conditions in order to maximise profit for their business. They were not fired and came out on top. Congratulations to Miguel, Majo, Ana Jimena, Fernando, Sofia, Rosi and Jessica who were awarded with a 10% scholarship at the Universidad Panamericana.
Year 1 student, Sofia T. and year 3 student Sofia P. competed in a gymnastics event on the 3rd December in Ezequiel Montes. The young gymnasts did very well. Sofia T. was awarded four 1st places and a 2nd place and Sofia P . was awarded one 1st place and two 2nd places out of the events they competed in. Well done Sofia and Sofia!
In July this year, Emilio D. in year 6 competed with his Charro
team, Fortaleza de Ezequiel Montes, Qro. in a competition in Tepatitlán Jalisco.  It was the 24th National Championships for Children's Charro and Emilio and his team achieved 1st place in the 'Nacional en Charrería categoría dientes de leche'. Well done Emilio.
Girls' football news:  Maria Jose R. from year 6 at the age of 10 has been training and playing football with the Under 16 girls team of Gallos Blancos. The Team has won some local as well as a Regional tournaments, even playing at the Corregidora Stadium.  Well done MaJo!
Swimming news:       This February 2017, Diego L from year 5 participated in a state level swimming competition. He won 3rd place with his relay team. Well done Diego!
Tennis news:
This February 2017, Natalia from year 5 competed in a regional tennis tournament between the states of Queretaro, Michoacan and San Luis Potosi.  She came out on top in her category and brought home the championship.  As a result of much hard work and training after school hours, Natalia is ranked 6th in Mexico in her age category. Congratulations, Natalia.
Taekwondo news:
Two VICTORIA primary students have been enjoying success in the martial art of taekwondo.
Anjali from year 1 and Joaquin from year 3 both attended 2 competitions and performed excellently.
In November 2016 they competed in the 10th Mugung International Taekwondo Championship in Jilotepec, Estado de Mexico. Joaquin won 3rd place in both Forms and Combat for his age and belt category.  Anjali won 1st place in Forms and 2nd place in Combat for her age and belt category.
Then in February 2017 they both competed in the XVII National Taekwondo Cup Huichapan, Hidalgo. Joaquin won 2nd place in both Forms and Combat and Anjali won 1st place in both Forms and Combat.  Congratulations to both of you!
Students from VICTORIA competed in the "Queretaro Kids 2017" athletics event on the 22nd of April. The students who participated were Renata from year 6, German from year 4, Frida from year 2, and Adela, Anjali and Sofia from year 1. The different competitions were 30m or 300m running, long jump, relays, and throwing of a tennis ball. German did very well and won a silver medal, but  all the students performed excellently. Well done to all! 
In June Emilio from 6Y had more success in a Charreria competition in Eziquiel Montes winning 1st place in his events.  Well done Emilio!
Each year an athletics event is organised in the community of Amexhe in Queretaro for the promotion and participation in sports for the general population.  Amexhe is a poor community, so the event is very important.  This is the 24th year of the event and 3 students from VICTORIA participated.
Mateo from year 5 came second in his event out of 40 competitors. Inigo from year 4 came first out of 60 competitors in his event and Covadonga came second out of 50 competitors in her event.
Well done to the three athletes for their success and also helping in the community.
Rugby has become a very popular sport at VICTORIA with many students enjoying the game and playing in local and regional teams.
This first weekend in June Pablo, Fernando, Eduardo, Alberto and Ander played in games for Queretaro Roosters against Puebla in Puebla. There were two teams of different age groups. Congratulations to Ander who scored 2 tries for his team.
More taekwondo news for June. Anjali in year 1 had an exam to achieve her green belt.  She did very well and passed her exam. One of her tasks was to kick a piece of wood to break it and she did it on her first attempt! Congratulations Anjali.